mission: Impeach Trump

Trump has the lowest approval rating in history of any president this early in an administration. Those of us who dislike Trump are the majority. We are the voice of the people. Never before has a president signed so many damaging, unreasoned, and unconstitutional executive orders. America has fallen victim to a con man. He promised what he thought people wanted to hear, and people believed him, without considering his methods. He played on people's fear. And it worked. Trump is an embarrassment to all Americans and a threat to democracy. His actions are anything but patriotic.  Our enemies must be enjoying the sight of America in chaos.

Each of Us Has Talents and Abilities

Each of us has unique talents and abilities that we can employ to get involved with the fight to resist the Trump administration. Marching in protest and posting on social media are a start. But there are other things that can and should be done. If, in your heart, you believe America and, yes also the rest of the world, would be better off without Trump as president, please take a moment and think what you can do. Visit the other pages in this site for some specific suggestions. 

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