If you're a millionaire, this probably does not apply to you. However, if you're not, please read on. We all want the same thing. Forget Republican, Democrat, party affiliations ... all of it. Party politics are noise, a device to keep us divided. Likewise, so called identity politics is a trap, a way to divide rather than unite. And, right now, right now, we the people need unity more than ever. We all want the same things. And here they are:

  • Education - for everyone. Free or affordable and quality. K-12 should not only be free, it also needs to be quality. We're not going to get quality education until teachers are better supported. All kids are entitled to a positive learning environment where they can learn how to be good citizens, future stewards of our democracy. After graduation from high school, there should be more free or affordable and quality education available. Vocational training and liberal arts education are both important for a balanced democracy. Teaching people critical thinking skills has never been needed more.

  • Means to earn a reasonable income - A $15 hour minimum wage or universal basic income (UBI) may not be necessary if other necessities are affordable. People need to be able to earn enough to live, without cobbling together multiple jobs just to stay afloat.

  • A clean planet - waterways, air, land - Whether you believe that humans have an impact on climate change or not, I think we all agree that a clean planet is better than a polluted planet. And, I think that most would agree that serious support of energy sources other than fossil fuels is long past due.

  • Physical infrastructure - Roads, bridges, public buildings and ports that are in good repair has to be a priority. Many of our roads and bridges were built forty or fifty years ago and have not been regularly maintained. We're asking for trouble if we don't make sure that this infrastructure is maintained.

  • Honest politicians - I realize that this sounds like an oxymoron, but it doesn't have to be. As I witness our politicians become increasingly corrupt, I see people become more and more disheartened. The apathy of hopelessness sets in. People begin to believe that there is nothing they can do, nothing can be done.

  • Free press - Reliable news agencies that report and inform, rather than persuade. News analysis is good. Breaking it down, providing background, all good. Telling people how to think, is not good. Honest debate on the issues would be a welcome in the media today.

  • Healthcare - People have a right to healthcare. I do not understand why Medicare and Medicaid cannot be expanded to include everyone who needs it. Those that want faster care or voluntary procedures can self pay or use private insurance. Otherwise, all free.

  • Political Reform - End the electoral college system. Limit campaign spending. End crony capitalism. Demand term limits for all political offices.

This list is not exhaustive by any means. There are groups of activists focusing on these issues and many more. What we need is a unification of efforts to bring back our democracy. We are in crisis. As odious as the present administration may be, it may serve as a catalyst to action. This crisis may bring us together toward a common goal. Our common goal is to bring back our country. Bring back real democracy.

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