The path to tyranny has been followed by dictators for centuries. The price for freedom is eternal vigilance. Trump has already employed many of the tactics listed below, others are in progress. Take heed, America, this is our country, and it is our responsibility to defend it.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.


       Create and defeat a common enemy

Plenty of people in Trump’s camp appear to believe America is now under siege from a coalition of liberal elites, people of color, immigrants of all sorts, and shadowy foreign influences.

2. Create a gulag.

3. Develop a thug caste.

          Instigate a monopoly on the use of force to curb public protest.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system.

         Using government surveillance against domestic political opponents. 

5. Harass citizens' groups.

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.

7. Target key individuals.

8. Control the press.

       Accumulate power by manipulating the hearts and minds of your citizens.

       Systematic efforts to intimidate the media.

       Building an official pro-Trump media network. 

9. Dissent equals treason.

       Get rid of your political enemies

       Enforcing the law for only one side. 

10. Suspend the rule of law.

11. Expand your power base through nepotism and corruption

       Using state power to reward corporate backers and punish opponents.

12. Curry favor by providing public goods efficiently and generously.

13. Create an ideology to justify an exalted position

14. Politicizing the civil service, military, National Guard, or the domestic security agencies. 

15. Stacking the Supreme Court. 

16. Really rigging the system. 

17. Demonizing the opposition. 

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